Tips about Mobile App Development


How to make iOS apps – App development tips

The iPhone operating system was designed for iPods and iPhones. It is abbreviated as iOS. The world’s technology has been revolutionized making it possible to build iPhone applications and making them both exciting and useful. The most popular iPhone applications are among others iMy; brushes; iBluesky; jobs; color Expert; simple bookie app; calendar screen and…


Android vs. iOS: Which is Safer

The iOS devices include among others iPod Touch; iPad; iPhone and Apple Watch. Android devices, on the other hand, include among others HTC One 10; Samsung Galaxy Note 5; Samsung Galaxy S6 and Nexus 5X. Which is the best, iPhone vs. Android security? The war between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS has continued to break…

Android applications

How to make Android Apps – App Dev. tips

Did you know that you can start earning by using Android application development tools without any coding skills? Nothing satisfies as making owned Android apps that you can upload on the Google Play store to allow Android users to download the app and use on their tablets or smartphones. We introduce you to different platforms…