How to Make an App

You may be having a great app idea, but without turning the idea into a product, it will never be profitable for you. Like so many before you, they had app ideas but lacked guidance on how they could build their apps and so they never turned the idea into tangible products. Fortunately, there are several app building programs today that seek to provide step by step guidance on how to make app.
How to make an appThe app building process may seem daunting however this article seeks to make it much easier for you by providing a thorough overview of the process, from the ground up.

Set your goals

In developing an app, the starting line is a paper and pen, not sophisticated designing and coding. On a piece of paper, sketch whatever you want to accomplish through your app or what you want your app to achieve, for example, what kind of problem will your application solve. Product, growth, and finance are the key focus areas you should concentrate on while setting your goals.

Sketch your Ideas

Sketching your ideas involves answering questions in step one and subsequently transforming your worded ideas into a visual representation. Decide if you are to offer your app as a paid download, offer ads to generate income or give it away. Whatever you decide on, ensure you sketch the ideas to make them more realistic.

Research your target market

Once you have sketched down the ideas and decided that your app is worth bringing to life, identify your target market and conduct research. The research findings are important in the validation of your initial assumptions and adjusting (if necessary) the previously set goals and objectives. More importantly, the findings help you create app that meets the needs of your target market.

Define your concept

You’ve set your goals, and you understand your audience. Get to work by first identifying tangible features or aspects that will help you design a business model which will help in achieving your goals.

How to name your app

After completing the most complicated part in the app making process, figuring out how to make an app, ensure you receive a reward for your efforts by coming up with a great name for your app. In doing so, take the following app naming guidelines into consideration, hint at functionality; don’t be a copycat; differentiate, use real words; stick to sentence case; find the right length; take your time and ensure nobody is already using the name.

Design the Look

People tend to be attracted to apps that are easy to navigate and stand out in their looks. Therefore, when designing your app, take your time in designing the user interface. If it means employing a designer, do it. More important, keep the feedback you’ve obtained from testers and ensure the navigation and design reflects the feedback received.

Choose your technology

Web, Android, and iOS are the three most popular technologies used to build a mobile app. The type of technology you pick heavily depends on the required investment to achieve the app’s specifications.


Apple has specific app development procedures and standards; therefore, anyone interested in programming iOS mobile apps must be well conversant with Apple’s guides and materials. Objective-C and Swift are the Apple’s common languages.


Google is the Android’s main contributor and advocate. As opposed to iOS, Android is an open source in the sense that development communities are allowed to integrate custom features from diverse producers. Android’s languages include SDK framework and Java.


The web is another app development technology option. It became popular with the invention of web browsers and the producers’ wide adoption of HTML5. Developers prefer the web due to its ability to combine with other forms of technologies such as native.

Get to work

Now that you have made all the tough decisions, it is time to get to work. The app building process tends to vary depending on the methods chosen, however, for this case we assume you have taken the app builder route. Therefore, the app creation process will involve the following steps namely design, content, bonuses/features and finally customize.

Beta Testing

Beta testing involves examination of the functionality of the app you have created in a live environment. The idea behind beta testing is to allow for testers to review the app before you can take it to the public.
Beta testing app


Publishing an app entails the distribution of Android or iOS mobile apps in the various stores. The process is bureaucratic. Both Google and Apple have their publishing procedures, terms, and conditions.


The iTune Connects on behalf of Apple publishes and manages the apps in the App Store. To publish your app in the App store, you will need to pay an annual fee of $99 after you have subscribed to “Developer Program for the App Store.”


Google have apps published in Google Play Developer Console. To become Google Play Developer, Google will require that you have a Gmail account and pay a one-time fee of $25.


As compared to app publication in both Google Play Developer Console and iTunes Connect, publishing an app in the Web is much simpler. All you need is a web server and a domain linked to it.

Continuous improvements

Once users have started downloading and using your app, it is important that you continuously offer support to both users and the app. Therefore, take into consideration various feedbacks received from the clients and seek to offer improvements to their experiences. More importantly, offer to publish new features and contents and if need be, update your app in the stores.

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