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Did you know that you can start earning by using Android application development tools without any coding skills? Nothing satisfies as making owned Android apps that you can upload on the Google Play store to allow Android users to download the app and use on their tablets or smartphones. We introduce you to different platforms including Android OS from Google that allows you to drag-and-drop the app building software. As shown in the image below, this article helps you build an Android application and launch them on Google Play Store, network with users and earn from the mobile apps market share.
Android applications
The figure above shows different apps built using Google app builder that provides you with error-free, and engaging app building processes that will kick-start a series of apps you can create.

Why Choose Android?

To have a huge market share for the apps you develop, choosing Android is inevitable. Creating an Android app will help you benefit from windows of a mobile world that currently enjoys a colossal of enormous market share and user base. However, other reasons for choosing Android are as follows:

Open Source

If you have a clear plan on the path you would like to take working with Android app creators such as appypie will provide you with an open source. As an open source, choosing Android will allow you the space to enjoy comparatively lower barriers of entries. Integrating creators will allow you to develop your apps conveniently at lower costs.

Customizable User Interface

For you are to make an app for Android that will be appealing to the targeted Android users, your interface should be customizable. Choosing Android will not only give you this option but allows you to conveniently create interfaces that will let your app users navigate through the app for enhanced experiences.

Low Barrier to Entry

As a beginner, costs related to app development, and maintenance should be an essential factor. Cost leveraging is what Android offers to you since it helps leverage on price but build and maintain apps that help end user has enhanced user interaction. Currently, Google Play Console account will charge you $25 as a one-time fee and to have your app distributed across the world.

Easy App Approval Process

Turn-around time is a motivating point after developing your app. All you will be interested in seeing is that your app is approved and that users are downloading it. Secure and easy approval is what Android will offer you. It allows you to access the world with your app in the most straightforward steps and shortest time possible.

Multi-Network Distribution

For you to realize the enormous market share, you will need the distribution of your app to a broader network. Android has partnered with different stakeholders to ensure wider network distribution for your app.

Benefits of Android Apps

The benefits of Android Apps are twofold; they are beneficial for personal use and business enterprises.

For Businesses

Apps offer your enterprises cost-effectiveness in marketing, sales, and identifying the market niche. What companies and business need are feedback on their operations in the market. Program Android apps will allow you to gather feedback on your products or services. A business owner somewhere is needing your created apps to enable them to understand market dynamics and cognize the dynamism in the market.

For Personal Use

Most of Android apps are free to allow personal users to download and use them for different tasks including file sharing and music streaming. These apps are also cheap allowing users to be at abreast of the current innovations in the market.

Getting Started

Nothing gets easy for you than realizing that to get started, you will not need to install Java or even a virtual machine. Creating an Android app now allows you to choose the options you want, bypassing others that initially, seemed complex.
getting started
To get started, choose ‘Android App Development’ to allow you free access to features that will enable you to create and customize your apps.

Creating a very basic App

Having navigated through ‘Android App Development’ in the figure above, it is time to create your first app. However, there are two components that you have to pick for lessons from the navigation. First, you need an overview understanding of the AIDE. Secondly, take note of the option of changing ‘Hello World’ pop up message to ‘Hello?’ Thirdly, add a button that will allow you interact with the app you are creating. You will do this by adding the codes shown below to the XML file.
Adding the codes to the XML file
From the coding above, follow the prompts and suggestions until you create ‘on click listener’ and finally, compile and run until the ‘Hello’ button becomes active. Click the ‘Hello’ button to prompt you to ‘Goodbye.’

More cool things you can do with AIDE

Creating an Android app is not about targeting the market or seeing how the app can help you cash in on the market share. It is about customization, functionalities, and benefits from AIDE. As a beginner, AIDE makes life better for you because it integrates ‘Learn’ option that allows you to run different tutorials to walk you through various steps as you test and run the apps you have just created.
Tutorial AIDE
Other interactive sessions with AIDE is the training on Java skills, Android Wear, and Android games with basic codes that you can run and edit while working on different apps. Once done you will be at liberty to publish your project for future play.

Sign up for a Google Play Developer account

You have now created your app and ready to share it with the world. The first step is to create a login account that will allow you to navigate through different processes including Back to Google Play Developer Console and finally, agreeing to the Google Play Developer distribution agreement.
Create google account
Before continue
The last step is to make the $25 payment for an email notification that signals that your account is ready for activation. Nonetheless, the process may take up to one week depending on the queue and verification processes for your login account. Upon receiving the email from Google, you will have to activate your account and start uploading your apps on Google Apps Store.

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