How to make iOS apps – App development tips

The iPhone operating system was designed for iPods and iPhones. It is abbreviated as iOS. The world’s technology has been revolutionized making it possible to build iPhone applications and making them both exciting and useful. The most popular iPhone applications are among others iMy; brushes; iBluesky; jobs; color Expert; simple bookie app; calendar screen and font shuttle. The graphical interface on apple apps creates three-dimensional high definition icons and images that can be easily modified by creating a fun photo-realistic user environment. Building app for iPhone in most cases has proven to be a little confusing for most first-time developers. Therefore, this article seeks to simplify the process of creating an iPhone app.

How to make ios app

Why choose iOS

Improve security

Developing an iPhone app guarantees safety of confidential company information. One can easily encrypt their files and data using an iOS. Apple app builder contains a platform that helps you design and assign the type of security protocol you find fit for your work.

Better user experience

iOS application provides you with the ability to customize and put in place measures to avoid data duplication, encryption, and data thievery. The iOS, therefore, offer you a better user experience with the ability to customize your feature to suit all your needs.

Higher scalability

Interaction of users with the mobile app is effortless since apple apps are very stable and high quality. The iPhone app has a higher flexibility than other mobile operating systems and the ability to accommodate any future developments.

Benefits of iOS Apps

For Businesses

As an app builder, you will tend to ask yourself how to make iPhone apps that satisfies businesses. Apps offer several advantages to both the business enterprise and customer. The company reaches buyers, and a potential consumer with ease saving and business income is increased as users engage in the application. The service providers also get information on consumer opinions making them compete favorably in the market.

For Personal Use

App creators make an app for iOS that satisfies the user’s personal needs. They include the ability to reduce the amount of junk or unnecessary applications. A better HTML platform capable of integrating all multimedia components. A more compatible platform with other applications and devices other operating systems. Lastly, the app has low power requirements thus prolonging battery and reduce unnecessary low-power interruptions.

What You Need

To create an iPhone app, you require a Mac, XCode, iPhone Developer program and a physical device. The Mac is the apple app builder machine. It should run the operating system chosen for the development of the application.
Xcode is an integrated development environment that will enable you to create an iOS app for free. Obtaining a copy of the IDE will require following these steps:

  • Register an account with iPhone development Center for a free app maker for iPhone;
  • Go to Mac app store;
  • Download copy of Xcode.


To create your file on Xcode, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to “File;”
  • Click on “Next Project;”
  • Under iOS click on “Application” followed by “Master-Detail application;”
  • Select “Next.”

To access an image on screen appearance when creating the file:
Detail Application
On the pop-up page fill in the following details:

  • Appropriate “Product name;”
  • The “Organization name” can be left blank;
  • In the “Company Identifier” slot fill in a string of characters of your name after “com.”
  • Choose “iPhone” under “Devices;”
  • Type in “RWT” in the “Class Prefix” slot;
  • Select “Next.”

Save the file, and on running it through the main menu, it should operate successfully on the simulator. Organization of files is essential for secure data transfer and distribution unto an external mass storage device. The Master-Detail application template has a “Root group” and “Supporting Files group.” You should click on “CTRL” and the product file saved to choose a “New Group.” Move Files from the “root” group to the new group but not files from the supporting data files.
An additional new group can be created using the same procedure. The second group will hold data model classes. Name the group “Template.”


Implementation involves developing a data model for your iPhone app. The first step involves pressing the control button while clicking on the Template group you created. Select “New file” and under iOS choose “Cocoa Touch.” Select “Objective-C class” then “Next.” For an illustration of the procedure followed when developing a data model for your app,

Create file

Fill in the “class” and “subclass” slots in the pop-up page that appears on your screen. Use Objective-C programming language code to create the class and subclass. Implementation involves making the app functional. Text should be made modifiable, and input slots with keyboards for inserting the e-mail address should be possible from your programming code.


When designing your application, choice of the iPhone device it will run on is significant to the process. Creating an iPhone app that runs in every device may not work. Factors to be considered are pixel density and screen size. Consider how rotation and scaling of the screen will affect the images to prevent having scaled down models.

Bugs and test

Bugs are errors that occur in your Xcode. A graphical debugger on Xcode can be used to test your app or connection to a network or Wi-fi. Users can also get an opportunity to test your apple app by using TestFlight.

Compile and Run

For an operational app, it is not enough to test it on the simulator alone. Compiling and running can be done on your apple app creator free account. Log in to your developer account and go to “Organizer.” If your app has issues, it will suggest ways to improve it.

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