Android vs. iOS: Which is Safer

The iOS devices include among others iPod Touch; iPad; iPhone and Apple Watch. Android devices, on the other hand, include among others HTC One 10; Samsung Galaxy Note 5; Samsung Galaxy S6 and Nexus 5X. Which is the best, iPhone vs. Android security? The war between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS has continued to break the internet. For both the brand and the users, the decisive deal-breaking factor boils down to Mobile App security. Notably, this war has always been won by Apple due to its stringent security guidelines. However, you should expect a more intense competition between the two brands as Google given out an array of hope, promising to be the best in the market in 2018. Therefore, before we settle on the best operating system between the two, let us take a look at the prevalent security differences between Android and iOS.

Android vs. iOS: Which OS is Safer


Mobile App Security: Threats and Best Practices

How safe is Android? A study conducted by CA Veracode established that close to 1,400 commonly used mobile applications were unsafe. 85% of the applications exposed sensitive device data such as SMS message logs, phone contacts, and phone location.
Therefore, to improve the security of the mobile device you are using, it is essential to choose an operating system that enhances your apps’ security. Too often, developers fail to protect the mobile application leaving users debating over iPhone vs. Android security.
In considering the best OS, it is essential to take into consideration whether your mobile developer has carefully followed coding best practices. Likewise, regardless of your device’s operating system, it is vital that you keep your mobile applications updated.

Security Software Update

Monthly, Androids will offer you notifications concerning updated security software. However, Android gives you discretion of choosing whether or not to upgrade to the new software version as they don’t force the users to update their devices.
In just a month, Apple rolls out several security updates versions. As opposed to Androids, Apple forces you to download the updated security software. It will give you several and continuous notifications thus making it difficult for you not to ignore the security up gradation.
Therefore, when comparing iOS vs. Android security regarding security software updates, it is more likely that you would go for iOS. Contrasted with the Android, iOS has rare significant protection scares due to the mandatory periodic security software upgrades. Therefore, depending on your preference, it is up to you to tell whether the iPhone is more secure than Android.

Security Software Update

Secure Software

If you are an Android user, then you are likely to expose your device to security threats if you fail to upgrade to the latest OS’s version. However, the risks could only be eliminated if all the Android users updated their operating systems.
Security of software is not a problem to iOS users since upon each release of a software update it automatically filters through to users. Apple makes it mandatory for its subscribers to download the upgrades thus making security scares a non-issue. Therefore, concerning secure software, iOS, as compared to Android, is the best.

Hardware Integration

Android manufacturers are different in regards to the efforts they put to ensure the effective functioning of the built-in security features. For instance, Samsung’s KNOX 2.0 is more reliable when it comes to loading unauthorized software since, during the booting process, it only loads authorized software. Apple has full control over the security of its hardware. Therefore, in answering the question “which is more secure iPhone or Android?” it is apparent that the iPhone is far much secured.

App Stores Story

A case of Android security vs. iOS system, iOS has a more secure security system for the mobile applications. Contrasting iPhone vs. android security platforms, the iPhone platform has greater control over the apps that pass through them seeking for their updates and approval. Undoubtedly, Apple takes their time and makes use of their rights in vetting, rejecting and removal of the applications that do not match their standards or criteria.
As compared to the Android manufacturers, Apple is stricter with the process of vetting apps and hence the reason for the high demands for iPhone app development companies. Comparing android security vs. iOS security, malware still easily finds their way into the Android devices despite the vetting process in place.


Is iOS more secure than Android? You should expect frequent updates taking a prime position from both the Android manufacturers and Apple this year. In the previous year, major security issues were witnessed, and therefore this year, each brand will strive to boost the security of their OS and to outdo the other in the competition. However, Apple will still have the upper hand in the game since it has continuously worked hard in improving its devices’ security and the privacy of the users. Therefore, even in 2018, iOS will continue winning the debate on “which is more secure when comparing android vs. iOS security.” You can watch this video to get more profound insights regarding the competition between the Android and iPhone:

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