A Compilation of Short Horror Films on DVD and VHS
Selected During the Nationwide Search Conducted Last Fall

Over 60 Minutes of Bonus Footage Featuring Clive Barker and Stan Winston Included
New York, NY (April 23, 2004) -Koch Vision and the Starlog Group, publisher of
Fangoria Magazine, are proud to announce the DVD and video release of
Fangoria Blood Drive. Last fall, aspiring American horror filmmakers were given
a once-in-a-lifetime chance to submit original short-form genre films in the first-
ever nationwide search for the Best Short Horror Film. The contest prompted a
great response as aspiring filmmakers submitted a fantastic array of spine-
tingling, blood-curdling and hair-raising films. The winning films will be released
on June 8, 2004 in a special DVD - by the fans, for the fans.
The DVD will be hosted by famed musician and horror-film auteur Rob Zombie
(House of 1000 Corpses). It will feature over an hour of extras that will prove an
invaluable inspiration to any aspiring horror filmmaker, including an interview with
Stan Winston and tour of his studio, and legendary author/artist/director Clive
Barker's featurette, ABARAT: The Artist's Passion. Also included are interactive
menu screens with Rob Zombie and a hidden Easter Egg. Fangoria Blood Drive
has a running time of 119 minutes -- 59 minutes of short films, 60 minutes of
bonus features
. The suggested retail price for Fangoria Blood Drive is $19.98
and the dealer-order date is May 11, 2004.
The DVD will feature all of the winning films, including: Mr. Eryams, winner of Best Film, submitted by BC Furtney of Los Angeles, CA; A Man and His Finger, winner of Best Comedy, submitted by Patrick Rea and Ryan Jones of Lawrence, KS; Disturbances, winner of Most Frightening, also submitted by Rea; The Hitch, winner of the Palm d'Gore, created by Drew Rist of Dallas, TX; Inside, winner of Best Avant Garde Horror, submitted by Christopher P. Garetano of Northport, NY; Song of the Dead, winner of Best Musical, created by Chip Gubera of Columbia, MO; and Shadows of the Dead, winner of Best Editing, created by Joel Robertson of Lakeland, FL.

After the contest was announced in September 2003, entrants of all ages and levels of expertise began recruiting vampires, zombies and serial killers to create the bloodiest, scariest and the most bone-chilling short films in time for the November 30th deadline. The winning entries, which were judged on creativity, commerciality and technical merit, were announced on December 31, 2003. A selection of highlights from the winning shorts was featured at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention on January 9, 2004.